Keeping our hearts and minds active is an important part of maintaining our vitality as we grow older.

Social and recreational activities will be planned for the residents on a daily basis.

Our close proximity (less than 2 blocks) to the soon to be opening Finley Senior Center will be a great benefit to our residents. The center will offer a variety of classes, health and exercise programs and social activities with exposure to a broad base of seniors throughout the community.

Sample Activities:

  • Physical Fitness (walks, stretching etc)
  • Cognitive Activities (games, puzzles etc)
  • Musical Activities (dancing, listening to music, name that tune)
  • Afternoon Socials (high tea, sharing photos & memories)
  • Arts & Crafts (painting, working with clay)
  • Outings (movies, beauty parlor, museum visits)
  • Homemaking (baking, gardening, setting the dinner table)
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